typo_13 (typo_13) wrote in poorinwindsor,

credit card help?

Hey everyone, I'm looking for help with my first credit card. Im 18, and have, to my knowledge, NO credit. Im looking into getting a credit card to help with this situation. Pretty much, the only thing i would be using it for is for PayPal. Im looking at starting an Ebay account to sell some DIY stuff that ive been doing.
I have a PC Financial bank account, and theres a PC mastercard, that you earn double the amount of PC points, but, since I work at Zehrs, I purchase from there pretty muhc daily, and I dont want to put food purchases on my credit card, cause i know that will get out of control REALLY fast.
What cards do you reccomend, and which one should i steal clear from? and do you have any other tips?
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If it helps, you don't actually need a credit card to use PayPal; all you need is a bank account from which to transfer funds. Be careful, though, as this means that you are trusting PayPal to keep your money, and sans interest, too, of course.
Stay away from mastercard.

I went with a Cibc student visa with my first limit as $500. 5 years later I have a $10,500 credit limit.
Check out this list credit cards for people with no credit like you :)