it you, or anyone you know, are vegetarian the Zehrs in St Clair Beach has It's All Good brand vegetarian chick'n breasts marked down to 3$ a package.
They have a sell by date of sometime this week. There are like 15 cases of this stuff (thats like 100 packages) and if it doesnt get sold, it's getting thrown out.
I would hate to see that much unopened food go to waste.
Please let all your friends know.


Everything has to go till tomorrow.

4 week old Canon Pixma Printer with 400 sheets of paper and ink, 
4 week old PC Speakers, Keyboard,Mouse, Wireless Router
Head Tennis Racket, Books, Age Of Empires III

I am leaving the country on Sunday.. this stuff has to go till Saturday evening

You can sell this all for way more if you have the time or use it as presents or for yourself or whatever

Call Yvonne 519 962 7118 or email
Pick up from Downtown

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Smith in need of help

Does anyone have or know anyone with any scrap sheets of metal laying about or any old leather stuff like coats or belts that they dont care about? I need more material for making armour. If anyone has any of this stuff to give me, that would be great.

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Were you planning on going to the fireworks? Don't want to get wet, but still want to hang out with your friends?
Come to the Windsor Gaming Centre!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
472 Tecumseh Rd. East
We're open until 2am, stop by and check us out!
(519) 962-9883

credit card help?

Hey everyone, I'm looking for help with my first credit card. Im 18, and have, to my knowledge, NO credit. Im looking into getting a credit card to help with this situation. Pretty much, the only thing i would be using it for is for PayPal. Im looking at starting an Ebay account to sell some DIY stuff that ive been doing.
I have a PC Financial bank account, and theres a PC mastercard, that you earn double the amount of PC points, but, since I work at Zehrs, I purchase from there pretty muhc daily, and I dont want to put food purchases on my credit card, cause i know that will get out of control REALLY fast.
What cards do you reccomend, and which one should i steal clear from? and do you have any other tips?

Looking For Artists/Art

The Arts Council is hosting an exhibit for seniors, it's called North of 60. We are looking for art in all forms (painting, weaving sculpture, you name it)created by artists who are 60 and over. Check out the call for submissions (accepting submissions now through April 20th). It's a members only show, but it is open to new members.

Also, Chair-ity 14 (The Arts Council ~ Windsor & Region's 14th annual live and silent auction of new, one-of-a-kind, artist-designed chairs, wares, home and garden items) is fast approaching. The theme for 2007 is Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales. This year it's taking place June 16th at the Walkerville Brewery. The call for submissions for Chair-ity is already available online here. Submissions for Chair-ity are open to everyone (both members and non). Applications to participate in Chair-ity are due by Friday, May 18.

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