typo_13 (typo_13) wrote in poorinwindsor,

credit card help?

Hey everyone, I'm looking for help with my first credit card. Im 18, and have, to my knowledge, NO credit. Im looking into getting a credit card to help with this situation. Pretty much, the only thing i would be using it for is for PayPal. Im looking at starting an Ebay account to sell some DIY stuff that ive been doing.
I have a PC Financial bank account, and theres a PC mastercard, that you earn double the amount of PC points, but, since I work at Zehrs, I purchase from there pretty muhc daily, and I dont want to put food purchases on my credit card, cause i know that will get out of control REALLY fast.
What cards do you reccomend, and which one should i steal clear from? and do you have any other tips?
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