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This community is for those who are Windsorites, considering being Windsorites or are interested in Windsorites.

The original focus was (is still) on: The Working Poor and The Hardly Working. The idea is to offer a playground of information regarding: assistance in getting by, information about advancing ones career and enjoying life more - with little to no money. However, people who do not consider themselves either of the above have shown interest in this community and I believe they can also contribute to the group.

Social Workers, Activists, Recent Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Discount Shoppers, Students, Penny Savers, Discount, and others are also more than welcome to join the group if they believe they can add to the community objectives. :-) We can use all the help we can get! Keep in mind though that the original focus is still on: The Working Poor and The Hardly Working, therefore some posts might not apply to all.

Please feel free to post advice and questions! If something doesn't work well within the community, others or myself will let you know.

Please vist the memories for websites/links.

Other communities of potential interest include:

organize, livingspace, poor_skills, dumpsterdiving, poor_people

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